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How Physicians Can Protect Financial Assets From Lawsuits

09/18/2014 – 10:10 AM |

As advisors to physicians throughout the country, we are often asked to help doctors to protect assets against …

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How Much Does An X-Ray Cost? Find Out In New Hampshire

09/18/2014 – 5:05 PM |

health costsBy JULIE APPLEBY

When Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield became embroiled in a contract dispute with Exeter Hospital in N.H. in 2010, its negotiators came to the table armed with a new weapon: public data showing the hospital was one of the most expensive in the state for some services.

Local media covering the dispute also spotlighted the hospital’s higher costs, using public data from a state website.

When the dust settled, the insurer had extracted $10 million in concessions from Exeter. The hospital “had to step back and change their behavior,” said health policy researcher Ha Tu, who studied the state’s efforts to make health care prices transparent. Read the full story »

How Doctors, Patients Will Use Apple’s HealthKit in Medical Trials

09/15/2014 – 2:50 PM |

By Alan Lyndon
Apple’s plan to move into the healthcare market became a little clearer today.  Reuters reported that Stanford and Duke will host medical trials …

What Patients Should Know About Paying For ‘Observation Care’

09/12/2014 – 12:04 PM | One Comment
observation care

By Susan Jaffe

An increasing number of seniors who spend time in the hospital are surprised to learn that they were not “admitted” patients — even though …

Silicon Valley’s Path to Conquer Heath Care Blocked by FDA Rules

09/12/2014 – 6:00 AM |
health apps

By Matthew Perrone, AP Health Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) — From Apple’s new smartwatch that tracks heartbeats to contact lenses that measure blood sugar — Silicon Valley …

Doctors, Hospitals Using Too Many Antibiotics

09/11/2014 – 8:56 AM |

By Mike Stobbe
AP Medical Writer
NEW YORK (AP) — Doctors in many U.S. hospitals are unnecessarily prescribing multiple antibiotics for several days when just one would …

New Cancer Care Payment Model Benefits Doctors and Patients

09/11/2014 – 8:35 AM |
cancer costs

By Anju Sikka, M.D.
A new study shows that changing the way insurers pay for cancer care can lower costs by 34 percent without affecting the …

V.A. Plans To Increase Physician Salary Hire More Providers

09/11/2014 – 7:53 AM |
V.A. doctors

By Brad Broker
As part of its campaign to improve access and care, the Department of Veterans Administration has announced a major recruiting plan to bring …