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Doctor’s View: Keep Your Guns Out Of My Practice

08/21/2014 – 1:42 PM | One Comment

“Physicians who genuinely wish to offer safety information can simply hand out firearms safety and safe storage brochures to all patients.” That was the advice of …

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Pennsylvania Doctors Are Ready For Medical Marijuana

08/22/2014 – 8:11 AM | 2 Comments
medical marijuanaBy Lucy J. Cairns, MD
Several factors have recently converged to make passage of a medical marijuana law in Pennsylvania a distinct possibility.  First, public opinion in the state is now overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing marijuana (cannabis sativa) for medical use.  Results of a Franklin and Marshall College poll in February 2013, indicated that 82 percent of Pennsylvanians favored allowing adults to use marijuana for medical purposes if recommended by a doctor.   On March 3, 2014, a Quinnipiac University poll showed support in Pennsylvania at 85 percent.  When analyzed by age, gender, and political orientation groups, a minimum of 78 percent in each group supported medical marijuana.  Editorials urging the passage of a medical marijuana law recently appeared in major news outlets throughout the state. Read the full story »

Middle School Female Soccer Players At Greatest Risk For Concussions

08/19/2014 – 4:01 PM |
concussion soccer

By Alan Lyndon
Concussions have become synonymous with sports.  Most of the research has focused on adults, particularly college football players.  But it appears that a …

Does a Blood Test Cost $10 or $10,000?

08/18/2014 – 8:27 AM |
blood test

By Roni Caryn Rabin

One California hospital charged $10 for a blood cholesterol test, while another hospital that ran the same test charged $10,169 — over …

Technology to Improve Treatment of Diabetic Complications

08/18/2014 – 8:06 AM |

By Shai N. Gozani, M.D., Ph.D.
Neuropathy, or nerve disease, is one of the most common complications of diabetes affecting about half of the diabetic population. …

Are Physician Assistants Qualified To Do In-Office Surgeries?

08/18/2014 – 7:50 AM | One Comment
physician assistant

By Shefali Luthra

One of the hopes embedded in the health law was to expand the role of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in addressing the nation’s …

Medicare May Cover New, At-Home Colon Cancer Test

08/15/2014 – 11:20 AM |
Colon Cancer

By Michelle Andrews

Medicare beneficiaries may get speedier coverage for a newly approved screening test for colorectal cancer under a pilot project in which two federal agencies reviewed …

Pete Frates: ALS Patient And Man Behind The Ice Bucket Challenge

08/14/2014 – 2:33 PM |
ice bucket challenge

By Brad Broker
In just the past two weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than $4 million, as well as priceless awareness, for amyotrophic lateral …