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What Happens After Hearing “You Have Breast Cancer”

10/01/2014 – 2:17 PM |

For some, getting a mammogram is a routine. For others, maybe not so. But in either case, there’s a certain amount of nervousness the patient …

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Doctors Urge Caution As Pharmaceutical Payments Become Public

10/01/2014 – 1:39 PM |

doctorsBy Shefali Luthra

federal database unveiled Tuesday afternoon details 4.4 million payments from pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to doctors and teaching hospitals, sparking concerns that consumers might misinterpret the information.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website itemized $3.5 billion worth of payments to 546,000 doctors and 1,360 teaching hospitals, made between August 2013 and December 2013. But about 40 percent of those payments were listed without noting who received them, either because of concerns about whether CMS had the correct recipient information, or because the physicians named hadn’t had enough time to verify the payment information.

The database is the result of a Sunshine Act that was incorporated into the health law and is intended to intensify scrutiny of the relationships between physicians and the drug and device industries. Read the full story »

Daily After School Activity Improves Kids’ Attention, Cognitive Skills

09/30/2014 – 10:46 AM |
kids exercise

If you need a reason to encourage your kids to get outside, here’s a good one: Children who get at least an hour …

When Do You Want To Die?

09/24/2014 – 11:58 AM |
Zeke Emanuel

When do you want to die? Would you rather pass before illness and age take over your life or do you want to …

Too Many People Die In Hospital Instead Of Home. Here’s Why.

09/22/2014 – 4:25 PM |

It was September 2012 and it was life-long smoker Paula Faber’s third cancer in a decade, but she did not hesitate.
“She was …

Parents Consult Online Reviews To Choose Doctor For Their Child

09/22/2014 – 10:09 AM |
doctors ratings

Patients, when they begin to feel sick, have become comfortable consulting with Dr. Internet for a cure or seeking a referral for themselves. …

Texas Gov. Perry Endorses Abortion Clinic Law With Joan Rivers Comparison

09/22/2014 – 7:26 AM |
Joan Rivers

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Sunday invoked comedian Joan Rivers’ death at a surgical clinic while defending a …

Study Shows Lupus Patients Suffer in Silence (Infographic)

09/19/2014 – 3:36 PM | 3 Comments
Raynaud's lupus

The Lupus Foundation of America and Eli Lilly and Company released results from a new survey that sheds light on the lupus journey and the …