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ADHD In Kids Leads To Substance Abuse

07/25/2014 – 2:17 PM |

Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are more likely to develop substance use disorders (SUDs) compared to non-affected peers.
According to an American Academy of Pediatrics …

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Doc: 3D Mammogram Significantly Improves Breast Cancer Detection

07/23/2014 – 5:40 PM |

3D MammogramBy Debra Somers Copit, MD 

As anyone who goes to the movies knows, three-dimensional images are far more dramatic and explicit than those shown on a flat screen.  The same holds true with x-ray images of the breast. A national study has just reported that 3-D mammography is more effective in finding invasive cancer than traditional two-dimensional mammography. The results confirm my own experience at Einstein Healthcare Network, where I am director of breast imaging. Read the full story »

100 Leading AIDS Researchers Killed on Flight 17

07/18/2014 – 7:59 PM |

The field of HIV/AIDS research suffered a major setback with the announcement that over 100 of the world’s top researchers were among the 298 passengers …

Doctors More Likely Than Their Patients To Be Organ Donors

07/16/2014 – 9:25 PM |
organ donor

Doctors are more likely to be organ donors than their patients, according to a new study.
Currently, over 100,000 people in the U.S. alone are waiting …

Study Shows Link Between Stress and Infertility in Women

07/16/2014 – 12:49 PM |
Dr. Larry Barmat

According to a recent study published in the journal Human Reproduction, researchers have discovered a connection between women with high levels of a stress biomarker and an increased …

Mayo Clinic Named Best U.S. Hospital in New Rankings

07/15/2014 – 10:01 PM |
Mayo Clinic

US News & World Report just released its annual Best Hospitals rankings, which cover nearly 5,000 medical centers across the country and also rank 16 medical …

Needs of Vets Should Determine Where They Get Care

07/15/2014 – 8:11 PM |

By Mary Agnes Carey
On Capitol Hill, lawmakers resume work this week to resolve differences over legislation aimed at alleviating long wait times for medical care at the Department …

Boy Found To Have ‘iPad Rash’

07/15/2014 – 7:50 PM |

Before you pick up your iPad to search for the cause and remedy of that irritating skin rash, consider that it might be an “iPad …