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09/15/2014 – 2:50 PM |

By Alan Lyndon
Apple’s plan to move into the healthcare market became a little clearer today.  Reuters reported that Stanford and Duke will host medical trials …

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Montgomery County Cancer Network Promotes Survivorship

06/11/2009 – 6:47 PM |

By Thomas Reinke

The American Cancer Society reports there will be about 1,479,000 new cancer cases in 2009 and the five year survival rate for all …

Electronic Medical Records: The Promise and the Reality

03/03/2009 – 6:48 PM | One Comment

By Steve Goodman
A patient walks into your office, even for the first time, and instead of being handed reams of forms to fill out – …

Bundled Payment Reform Models

01/26/2009 – 3:12 AM | One Comment

Central to the nation’s health care reform agenda is the principle of value-based reform – restructuring provider payment incentives to control volume growth and to …

Improving hospital discharge

11/22/2008 – 1:20 AM |

As physicians, hospitals and payors continue to ramp up their efforts to reduce preventable adverse medical events, relatively little attention has been paid to a moment in the care process when the patient is particularly vulnerable: the hospital discharge.

Overhauling diagnosis coding

10/22/2008 – 1:29 AM |

Moving to the ICD-10 code sets may be the most complex change for the U.S. health care delivery system in decades, requiring massive system and workflow changes, including coordinated actions among medical groups, their vendors and health plans.

Redefining the war on obesity

09/22/2008 – 1:35 AM |

Physicians play a central role: helping the patient redefine success. Encouraging overweight and obese patients to sustain a modest, but realistic weight loss of only a few pounds can bring significant health improvement even in the absence of much cosmetic change.