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07/28/2014 – 1:53 PM |

By Brad Broker
“The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana.”
That’s the official opinion of The New York Times, which published on Sunday the first …

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Doc: 3D Mammogram Significantly Improves Breast Cancer Detection

07/23/2014 – 5:40 PM |
3D Mammogram

By Debra Somers Copit, MD 
As anyone who goes to the movies knows, three-dimensional images are far more dramatic and explicit than those shown on a …

Five Great Medical Apps For Doctors, Surgeons

03/10/2014 – 3:05 AM |
Doctor mobile apps

By Brad Broker
On Star Trek, medical personnel were equipped with “tricorders.” Today, they’re called “iPhones” or “iPads.”  Whatever you call them, almost all physicians have …

TIME Tells Story of Disastrous Launch of Healthcare.gov and its Saviors

02/27/2014 – 3:29 PM |
Time healthcare.gov

By Alan Lyndon
To say the launch of Healthcare.gov last October was a disaster is being overly generous.  It was worse than that.  It was so …

Which Device Do Doctors Use For Medical News: iPhone or iPad?

02/19/2014 – 8:11 PM |
Doctor smartphone

By Alan Lyndon
How do you read journal articles?  Print?  Online? And, if on a mobile device, which one?
A new survey found that 28 percent of …

What’s more important when choosing a doctor? Online ratings or office location?

02/19/2014 – 1:40 AM |

By Brad Broker
It’s interesting to see the spin on certain studies.  For example, researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School conducted a study of how …

This App Will Get You To The Doctor, Even In A Major Snowstorm

02/13/2014 – 3:14 PM |
Doctor mobile apps

By Brad Broker
Much of the East Coast is trapped inside today.  A major storm of snow and ice has left over 900,000 people without power …