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April 23, 2015 – 3:17 PM |

By Trpko Dimovski, MD
As a physician, one of the most difficult aspects of my job is battling a patient’s advanced, and sometimes fatal, disease knowing …

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Physicians Beware: CMS May Deny or Revoke Medicare Provider Privileges

April 16, 2015 – 10:22 AM |

By Victoria H. Johnson and Edward J. Cyran
On February 3, 2015, the authority of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to deny Medicare …

Legal Issues of Removing Patient From Practice Explored

April 1, 2015 – 9:06 PM |
abortion law

(HealthDay News) — The legal and ethical responsibilities of removing a patient from practice are discussed in an article published March 16 in Medical Economics.
The article …

Malpractice Fears Lead Most ER Docs to Order Unnecessary Tests

March 25, 2015 – 9:13 AM |
medical malpractice

By Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter
(HealthDay News) — Nearly all emergency room doctors surveyed order pricey MRIs or CT scans their patients may not need, mainly because they …

How Can Concierge Doctors Protect Themselves Against Demanding Patients?

March 9, 2015 – 2:19 PM |
Medical Law

Concierge medicine and medical malpractice:  the two phrases don’t even seem to belong together in the same sentence.
Concierge medicine — the “refuge” of private practice …

MDVIP Becomes First Concierge Medicine Practice to Lose Medical Malpractice Case

February 13, 2015 – 12:40 AM | One Comment

MDVIP, the nation’s largest concierge medicine  practice, has seen meteoric growth since it was founded fifteen years ago promising “exceptional care” and quick access to …

Doctors and Cancer Patients Sue California for Right to Die

February 13, 2015 – 12:38 AM |

A group of cancer patients filed a lawsuit Wednesday in California seeking to overturn a law that prosecutes physicians who prescribe end-of-life medication to mentally …