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April 14, 2014 – 4:36 am |

By Jordan Rau
Medicare’s release Wednesday of millions of records of payments made to the nation’s doctors comes as the government is looking to find more cost-efficient …

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Doctors Ask For Ban On E-Cigarettes To Kids

March 10, 2014 – 6:54 pm |

By Bruce A. MacLeod, MD and Allen Nussbaum, MD

Electronic cigarettes could be a “gateway” that introduces youth to smoking.

That’s what researchers from the Center for Tobacco …

Are Doctors Screening Their Patients for Hepatitis B?

February 14, 2014 – 4:50 pm |

By Curtis T. Miyamoto, MD
I recently met with Chari Cohen, MPH DrPh(c), Director of Public Health, and Kuan-Lung Daniel Chen, MPH, CPH, Program Manager, of …

NY Times’ Bill Keller Slams Cancer Patient’s ‘Twitter Therapy;’ Now Everyone Hates Bill Keller

January 15, 2014 – 7:20 pm |
breast cancer ribbon

By Brad Broker
New York Times columnist Bill Keller has made himself the news for his recent remarks about the blog and Twitter feed of Lisa Bonchek Adams, who writes about …

Chasing Ghosts:
 An Inside Look at The Mind of a Surgeon

September 17, 2013 – 6:06 pm |

By Dr. Ismael Nuño, MD
Chasing ghosts in the operating room sounds supernatural, but it is actually something we surgeons really do. Each one of us …

Medical Society Reacts to Supreme Court Decision on DOMA

June 27, 2013 – 1:46 pm |

By Thomas K. McInerny, MD
On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued two historic decisions affirming the right of same-gender couples to marry. The American Academy …

Doctor Asks: Is It Time To Legalize Drugs?

June 3, 2013 – 9:07 pm |
Drugs Doc

By Harvey B. Lefton, M.D.
For the past 45 years, the United States has engaged in a “war on drugs.”  This was popularized in the mid-70’s …