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08/25/2014 – 11:36 PM |

Have you ever wondered why elementary school students — who are awake and watching television by 6AM — don’t start school until 8:45AM while their …

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Doctor’s View: Keep Your Guns Out Of My Practice

08/21/2014 – 1:42 PM | One Comment
doctors guns

“Physicians who genuinely wish to offer safety information can simply hand out firearms safety and safe storage brochures to all patients.” That was the advice of …

Should Medical Researchers Disclose Personal Conflicts of Interest?

08/19/2014 – 4:28 PM | 2 Comments
medical ethics

By Alan Lyndon
When people hear about physicians and conflicts of interest, they often jump to payouts from drug companies or financial interests in medical equipment. …

Another View: The Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

08/19/2014 – 10:54 AM | 23 Comments

By Bill Godshall
(Editor’s Note: The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published two articles stating various potential hazards of electronic cigarettes, particularly to youths.  The …

Medical Cartoon of the Week

08/18/2014 – 2:00 PM |
medical cartoon


Used with permission by Jonny Hawkins, whose 2015 Medical Cartoon a Day calendar is now available at Amazon.com. Cartoons are the property of their respective artists and are subject to …

During Nutrition Talk, Fox News Hack Says Michelle Obama Is Too Fat (VIDEO)

08/13/2014 – 2:37 PM | One Comment
Michelle Obama

Fox News is sometimes funnier than Comedy Central.  While they try to make coherent arguments, they actually create more and more material for late night …

A Doctor’s Perspective On Obamacare Plans

08/04/2014 – 1:14 PM | 10 Comments

By Jeffrey Cohen, WNPR
On a recent afternoon at his office in Hartford, Conn., Dr. Doug Gerard examines a patient complaining of joint pain. Gerard, an internist, checks …