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January 26, 2015 – 9:56 AM | One Comment

MONDAY, Jan. 26, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Marijuana shouldn’t be legalized because of the potential harm it can cause children and teens, the American Academy …

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Strict Rest After Concussion Does Not Enhance Recovery In Kids

January 5, 2015 – 4:56 PM |

Emergency room visits for sports related traumatic brain injuries, specifically concussions, have increased more than 60 percent over the last 10 years.  As the occurrence …

Small Screens, iPods Reduce Quality of Sleep in Kids

January 5, 2015 – 4:00 PM |
screen sleep

Get those screens out of the kids’ bedroom.  No matter the size — big, small, television, iPod — having a screen in the bedroom reduces …

The Solo Physician’s Multi-Year Parachute

January 4, 2015 – 5:47 PM | One Comment
Doctor retire

By Barry M. Schwartz, Esq.
A physician who is in practice with one or more partners probably has a reasonable expectation that his or her medical …

As Docs Face Big Cuts In Medicaid Pay, Patients May Pay The Price

December 29, 2014 – 10:50 AM |

Andy Pasternak, a family doctor in Reno, Nev., has seen more than 100 new Medicaid patients this year after the state expanded the insurance program …

When Heart Docs Are Away, Their High-Risk Patients May Fare Better

December 23, 2014 – 11:12 PM |

(HealthDay News) — If you are a high-risk heart patient, you might be better off if you are not treated by a cardiologist, new research …

Concussion Laws Requiring Medical Care Help Youth Athletes

December 22, 2014 – 6:41 PM | One Comment

Sports related concussions are the only injury in all of medicine with a legislative mandate requiring medical attention.  That mandate, which includes laws in all 50 …